Quadron f. Kendrick Lamar - "Better Off"


Quadron, the duo of producer Robin Hannibal and the singer Coco O., have been making music together long before they gained fame on their own (Hannibal also produces in Rhye, and Coco appeared on Tyler, the Creator'sWolf and The Great Gatsby soundtrack) - they even made music together before they adopted the name Quadron, in a group called Boom Clap Bachelors, from whom Kendrick Lamar borrowed some material for his track "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe." Now, he's paying Hannibal and Coco back with a helping hand on a track called "Better Off," which is the latest single - and the only track to feature an outside hand - from Quadron's new record Avalanche. It's a fantastic song; Kendrick's verse perfectly compliments the bedroom-eyed vibe summoned by Hannibal's piano-driven beat and Coco's sweet vocals. Check it out - Avalanche is out June 4.