Radiohead Announce New Album, Alraune

It's coming this weekend. Hear the Aphex Twin-produced "Metastasis" now.
Radiohead Alraune

Surprise! Radiohead have announced their long-gestating follow-up to 2011's The King of Limbs — it's called Alraune and features 12 new tracks from the band. The album's epic, 10 minute first single, "Metastasis" is streaming below. Details of the album's release are forthcoming, but we're seeing unverified reports that, like Thom Yorke'sTomorrow's Modern Boxes, it will be released on Saturday April 4th via BitTorrent and Bandcamp.

The album was mostly recorded between September and December of last year, before the band brought in the newly prolific Aphex Twin just last month to help finalize the album. (Not unlike Rick Rubin's role in the last-minute reshaping of Yeezus, then.)

More on the album as we have it. Listen to the groovy "Metastasis" below:

Radiohead, Alraune Tracklist:
01 Color of the Flame
02 The Albatross
03 Pass on the Right
04 Megaphone (Crackle)
05 Her Majesty's Resent
06 Bunbury Square
07 Metastasis
08 Miner Sixty Niner
09 Avalon
10 Jory [come in child]
11 w h y
12 Klaxons


Artwork by Tom Alex Buch, Music by Aphex Twin and Nicole/Brynne Price, very poorly mixed by Pretty Much Amazing.