Radiohead To Perform The King of Limbs In A Basement

Thom Yorke Radiohead Lotus Flower

Are you guys ready for more weird, awesome, shameless and oh so contemporary Thom Yorke dancing? Sure you know. I know it. You know it. Radiohead knows it. This is why the band is planning to let Nigel Godrich film them perform their deceptively groovy album, The King of Limbs live From the Basement. The performance will premiere on BBC Worlwide Music Television on July 1.

The band made a similar move after the scandalous release of their In Rainbows LP, playing an exquisite 14-track set for From the Basement, which was later released on DVD.

You can actually watch a DVD rip of the In Rainbows performance, below, courtesy of the internet.

Track Listing
00:21 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
05:41 15 Step
?09:37 Bodysnatchers
14:00 Nude
18:25 The Gloaming
21:46 Myxomatosis
25:40 House Of Cards
31:22 Bangers And Mash
34:56 Optimistic
39:48 Reckoner
44:50 Videotape
49:34 Where I End And You Begin
54:55 All I? Need
59:11 Go Slowly

Thank you internet.

Can't wait to see the band play "Codex" live.