Raekwon - "Butter Knives"


Onetime Wu-Tang member Raekwon’s fifth solo album Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his very well received 2009 record Only Built 4 cuban Linx Pt. II, is finished, and the rapper proved it by dropping “Butter Knives” to tide fans over until the record’s released next year. The rest of the record will feature other members of Wu-Tang, but “Butter Knives” is a great showcase of Raekwon’s talent. That hilarious “they say… he’s a swordsman!” sample is initially annoying, but that looped orchestral backbeat cannot be denied, and neither can Raekwon’s flow – he and producer Bronze Nazreth know how to wrap everything up into an endlessly listenable package. Give it a listen.