REC'D: Blood Diamonds - "Dreams" & "Move The Stars"


We’re not talking about the conflict minerals or the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, we’re talking about the Vancouver producer Blood Diamonds, a.k.a. Michael Tucker, who makes what can probably best be described as tropical R&B, or if you hyped up the humid, dizzy, druggy vacation feel of Washed Out’sLife of Leisure on a bunch of Ritalin and gave it steel drums and a compilation of 1970s Caribbean hits.

“Dreams” and “Move The Stars” are by no means as simple and unassuming as their titles – these are hyper-complex, hyper-considered little gems, a mélange of disparate samples layered on top of and around each other in a way that probably wouldn’t make sense on paper (pan flute bursts plus chopped-and-screwed, pitch-shifted neo-soul vocals?) but will blow your mind when you press play. We strongly urge you to check out both. If you dig them, head over here for more. "Heart" is especially great.