REC'D: Chairlift - "Met Before"

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Chairlift’sSomething LP is coming soon, and it just might wind up an early highlight of 2012 based on the awesome tracks we’ve heard from it so far – remember the awesomely creepy Mark Ronson-produced “Sidewalk Safari”? On the latest cut the duo have dropped from the album, “Met Before,” Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly move away from that haunted-house violent-revenge fantasy and into massive pop territory – we’re talking massive, bombastic, new-wave territory, with a rolling percussive heartbeat that grounds an electrifying chorus complete with irresistible eighties electro synth jabs. The best term for this track is probably “straight-up jam.” Listen up.

CHAIRLIFT - "Met Before"

Something is due out January 23.