REC'D: EMA - "California"


EMA has been making some noise lately. The solo outfit from Erika M. Anderson (formerly one half of the group Gowns) has been turning heads for a while now, but more-so since she dropped “The Grey Ship” and most recently the hate ballad, “California.” “California” is close to a spoken word piece, finding Anderson speaking and enunciating her words more than actually singing them, phrases like “Fuck California, you made me boring,” “I'm just 22 and I don't mind dying” and “I used to carry a gun” making a large impact the way she presents them over drone-like ambient riffs and faint distortion. You can feel her passion, particularly after watching the video she's just released for the song below. Her debut solo LP, Past Life Martyred Saints, comes out May 10th for Souterrain Transimissions.

EMA - "California"

EMA - "The Grey Ship"

Here's the video for "California":