REC’D: Glasser – “Apply”


Glasser is the solo project of Californian chanteuse Cameron Mesirow, who recorded much of her debut EP and the following 7” on Garageband. She refined and rearranged most of these songs for her debut record Ring, released earlier this month, and first track “Apply” is a perfect introduction: it’s as sweet, sensuous, and slick as the rest of them. In a world (blogosphere?) where you can –- thank God -– find ghostly, haunting electronica delivered by powerful-voiced, talented women whose vocal ranges might not encroach on Mariah but are impressive nonetheless around almost every corner (see: Tamaryn, Zola Jesus / Nika and Rory, Bat for Lashes, etc), Mesirow’s music is bound to find a niche, and it might very well be your eardrums. Take a listen to “Apply” and see what you think:

“Apply” is grounded in a simple, effective beat that melds clattering Afro-Caribbean percussion and finger-snaps with alternating bass tones that sound like a high school tuba player warming up – the drumline vibe of the whole thing is enough to make you want to start marching. The beat is simple and unassuming enough to let Mesirow’s impressive soprano take over: it soars over the whole construction, layered and echoed, usually warm, sweet, and confessional, sometimes bursting from its constraints into powerful wails and yelps you just want to try and copy yourself. It’s as irresistible as the beat is, acting as an instrument in its own right, making the military-march drums and horns seem wistful and haunting.