REC'D: Jai Paul - "BTSTU"


“Don't fuck with me. Don't fuck with me.” This is how new U.K. singer/songwriter Jai Paul begins his first song ever released, “BTSTU.”

Strong words, and particularly wooing delivered in his high pitched falsetto. Backed with a serious dubstep complex – that explosive bass, obstreperous Skream like dubstep, not the James Blake or Mount Kimbie like dubstep that's been all the craze these days – “BTSTU” is electronic meets soul, riveting with aggressive electro samples, distorted synthesizers and chilled out drum beats that play out as Paul sings tenderly, “don't try to fuck me... you're worse than my mother.” It's really quite endearing.

Jai Paul has recently signed with XL Recordings so expect more from him soon; check out “BTSTU” below.

Jai Paul - "BTSTU"