REC’D: Kanye West – “Blame Game” f/ John Legend & Chris Rock


We've spent the last few days with Kanye West's undeniable album of the year front-runner, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and listen after listen, "Blame Game" proved itself to be a highlight in an album of highlights. Sampling Aphex Twin's “Avril 14th,” we first got a glimpse of “Blame Game” on Kanye's avant-garde mini-film “Runaway”. Complacent with other previews of the forthcoming LP, “Blame Game” is lengthy and melancholy, following as Kanye transitions from furious rapper to dispassionate vocalist, accompanied by poignant piano ripples, and John Legend's soothing chorus. The premise follows a domestic dispute between a couple, Kanye narrating by singing, rapping and speaking through a distorted bass.

The visionary claims the track is his favorite cut from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, though its more reserved than “So Appalled,” “Runaway,” or “Power.” The last two minutes of the ballad consist of comedic dialogue between Chris Rock and a girl, the girl explaining how Kanye taught her everything she knows. As the song fades out, you can hear Rock agreeing, “Yeezy taught you well. Yeezy taught you well.” My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy comes out on Nov 22 via GOOD Music.

Kanye West - "Blame Game" f/ John Legend & Chris Rock