REC'D: Lotus Plaza - "Strangers"


As you might know, Deerhunter's ace guitarist, producer and songwriter Lockett Pundt makes shoegaze-y, sleep-smeared dream-pop as Lotus Plaza. Pundt will follow-up his thoroughly solid first LP, The Floodlight Collection with Strange Action at a Distance (which is the perfect description of his music). "Strangers" is our first taste from the LP, and it's staggering.

Pundt has grown a lot as an artist since he released The Floodlight Collection, that much is obvious. A clear turning point was a song he wrote for his band's 2010 album, Halcyon Digest; the mesmerizing and perfect "Desire Lines." Though it was clearly modeled after it, "Strangers" is no "Desire Lines," but it comfortably sits in the upper echelon of Pundt's rich discography.