REC'D: Memoryhouse - "Caregiver" & "Heirloom"



Guelph, Ontario based dreampop duo Memoryhouse will release their latest dazed, woozy single “Caregiver” digitally today. It’s a song as gentle, soft, and calming as its title – it sounds like someone bringing you soup when you’re sick on a winter morning and the sun’s coming in through the curtains. Don’t dismiss Memoryhouse as another dreamy chillwave band – the pop ballad sensibility of “Caregiver,” its tender vocals, emotional piano, and echo-y guitars are indicative of a deep-seated understanding of pop music’s timelessness. You have a second chance to check out the band’s chops: the b-side to “Caregiver” is more upbeat “Heirloom,” which is also worth a listen (or ten). It keeps its a-side’s woozy Technicolor blend and throws on some big drums and guitars that weave around like cords in a basket. You’d be best advised to give these two songs a listen right now.

Memoryhouse- Caregiver

Memoryhouse - Heirloom

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