REC'D: Merchandise, "No You And Me"

Another taste from Merchandise's three-way split with Destruction Unit and Milk Music.

A friend of mine who shall remain unnamed has an elaborate fantasy about being proposed to during Merchandise's "Roser Park" while frontman Carson Cox sings "she's the one that I've been waiting for." I'm just over here hoping that dying will feel kind of like what "No You and Me," the second of Merchandise's two contributions to USA '13, a split LP between them, my other favorite band Destruction Unit, and Olympia, WA's Milk Music, sounds like - a wash of dreamy, romantic color, the kind of quietness that contains everything, like the silence on the desert that makes your ears ring... Cox is singing "it goes on and on and on," and maybe he's talking about life, maybe he's not, it doesn't matter. For six minutes all that matters is how good "No You and Me" feels; if that doesn't make a song great, I don't know what does. Let me wholeheartedly recommend that you order USA '13 now via Chaos in Tejas's 540 Records.