REC'D: Naomi Punk - "Television Man"

Minimal instrumentation for maximal noise from our favorite Olympia post-punk trio.
naomi punk television man

The best thing about living in Seattle is getting to see two active volcanoes every day, but the second-best thing is probably how often I get to see Olympia's Naomi Punk, who've honed their live act into an intense, driving juggernaut and are also one of my favorite bands in the world. Here's a new song from the trio called "Television Man," which I've been patiently waiting for the recorded version of since I saw them play it in March 2013 while they toured with their Captured Tracks labelmate Mac DeMarco, and it more than lives up to my expectations, which is saying something because it's totally sick live - jagged, syncopated guitars, Travis Coster's vocals halfway between sneering and seductive; minimal instrumentation for maximal noise. This one's the title track from their upcoming third record which is gonna slay, trust me, and which includes a song called "Whirlpool of Anguish" - you can grab it in a record store August 5th.