REC'D: Neutral Milk Hotel - "You've Passed" (Unreleased Version)

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Neutral Milk Hotel’s 1996 debut On Avery Island might not be treated with the same reverence as their 1998 breakout record On the Aeroplane Over the Sea, but it’s just as jam-packed with stunning experimental folk. The latest unreleased song NMH are offering on their website (it’ll be physically released on an upcoming vinyl-only box set) is an alternate take of Avery Island’s second track, “You’ve Passed.”

The unreleased version has that incredible fuzzy bass riff cranked up to eleven until it burrows into your skull like radio static – Jeff Mangum’s singular voice and fingerpicked guitar are a hell of a formidable force on the edge of that sea of scuzz, though. Give it a listen or ten.

Neutral Milk Hotel - "You've Passed" (Unreleased Version)

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