REC'D: New Beirut - "Goshen"


Today is a great day for Beirut fans, frontman Zach Condon finally announcing the details of his forthcoming insanely anticipated third record. Along with that precious information – the album's called The Rip Tide and drops in the end of summer – Condon also released the accompanying song to “East Harlem”, which will be the first single to come out on his newly formed Pompeii Records imprint.

Album cut “Goshen” is exactly what you would expect from a Beirut song, ergo it's fucking gorgeous, slowly building and accentuated frequently by graceful piano chords, brass, and of course Condon's angelic falsetto.

Beirut - "Goshen"

Listen to it below; “East Harlem” came out yesterday, The Rip Tide on August 29th via Pompeii.