REC'D: Nicki Minaj - "Top of the World"


We aren't sure where this new Nicki Minaj joint came from or where it will end up, but we sure are happy it's here. "Top of the World" is so good and everything Pink Friday should have been — yes, it's confident; yes, it's quantifiable for summer-anthem 2011; but most importantly, it's personal and genuine.

Even Pink Friday's best tracks (we proudly list "Super Bass" as one of our favorite songs of 2011 so far) fall prey to the cold, distant persona Nicki has built up for herself. It's a different, warmer Nicki we're listening to on "Top of the World." Here the ingenue dedicates her American-Dream-Rags-to-Riches story to the kid who cant do no more.

Nicki Minaj - "Top of the World"