REC’D: Nicolas Jaar – “I Got A Woman”

Nicolas Jaar

New York producer Nicolas Jaar is only 21 years old but you wouldn't tell it by the quality of his productions, nor by the quantity. He already owns his own label, Clown and Sunset, released his Love You Gotta Lose Again EP when he was 19, is still currently an undergraduate at Brown University, and has now put out his first proper effort, Space Is Only Noise, which he claims certainly doesn't consist of dance music.

His new single “I Got A Woman” samples from a variety of sources and can sit on the shelves with other slow tempo, ambient, dubstep-like jams (surprised no one's compared him to James Blake): it's the type of music you want to dance to, but can't. You can hear the eclectic range of influences that have inspired the Chilean born artist from hip hop and soul to minimalist house on “I Got A Woman”: it kind of sounds like the beat from The Game's “One Night” meets Ray Charles' “I've Got A Woman.” Jaar has built an impressive following from remixing dance artists like Azari & III, and from his EP; the title track of which, “Love You Gotta Lose Again,” focusing on heavy drum beats and jazzy piano chords but with an electronic tinge that makes it hard to determine whether it's instrumental or not. “I like keeping the illusion, balancing on a thin line. If it's an organic element, then I really try to give it enough of an electronic mask, and vice versa.” Space Is Only Noise is out today, the day of love, via his label, Clown and Sunset.

And here's the title track from 2010's Love You Gotta Lose Again EP: