REC'D: Niki & The Dove - "The Fox"

Niki & The Dove

“You picture a meadow with a hill, and at the top of the hill is a tree that a fox lives under, you walk up the fox and tell her all your worries and fears, the fox then digs a hole, buries the worries and lays on top. Then you are able to fall asleep.” According to Sub Pop's latest signees, Niki & The Dove, this is the premise for the title track and first single from their forthcoming debut EP, The Fox.

The Swedish synth pop duo have been making a name for themselves for two years now, catering to a handful of fans with tunes like “DJ Ease My Mind.” “The Fox” is a candid display of this group's raw abilities, it's off beat drum patterns, screeching synths and ominous backdrop bringing Bjork or Bat For Lashes to mind. Check it out below, The Fox drops June 14th.

Niki & The Dove - "The Fox"