REC'D: Parquet Courts - "Black and White"

As though we needed more reasons to be out-of-control psyched for Sunbathing Animal.
Parquet Courts Sunbathing Animal

Brooklyn's Parquet Courts are our favorite purveyors of verbose post-punk, and they're gearing up to release their third record Sunbathing Animal next month - and as if we needed more reasons to be counting down the days, they've released a second single, "Black and White," to continue to whet our appetites. It's a great track - as frontman Andrew Savage sings about a boring day-to-day life fostering monochrome vision, his guitarist cohort Austin Brown lays down some blistering, raw guitar sounds designed to melt down your eardrums. You can pick up Sunbathing Animal in a record store starting June 3 - you'll have no trouble putting this on repeat in the meantime. Check out the studio version of the song below, or watch the band premiere it live with some guitar help from Fred Armisen on Late Night with Seth Meyers.