REC'D: Shabazz Palaces - "They Come In Gold"

Listen to an interstellar new one from Ishmael Butler and company's new LP Lese Majesty
Shabazz Palaces

Since Shabazz Palaces made possibly my favorite hip-hop album released in my lifetime with 2011's still-flawless Black Up, I've been anticipating how they would follow it up - turns out, with an aural voyage to the future, at least based on "They Come In Gold," our first taste from their upcoming LP Lese Majesty. It makes total sense that Ishmael Butler and company premiered the album in their native Seattle's own Pacific Science Center laser dome (seriously!), because it sounds futuristic in the best way, with Ish testing your SAT vocabulary over the weirdest, catchiest beat you'll hear today, like ominous chopped-and-screwed sirens and apocalyptic bass drones that evolve into something a little more tender. Basically, crank this shit up to 11 immediately in your best headphones, drown in that bass, and peruse the tracklist while you wait patiently for June 29 to hear the whole thing.

Shabazz Palaces, Lese Majesty:

01 Dawn In Luxor
02 Forerunner Foray
03 They Come In Gold
04 Solemn Swears
05 Harem Aria
06 Noetic Noiromantics
07 The Ballad Of Lt. Major Winnings
08 Soundview
09 Ishmael
10 …down 155th in the MCM Snorkel
11 Divine of Form
12 #CAKE
13 Colluding Oligarchs
14 Suspicion of a Shape
15 MindGlitch Keytar TM Theme
16 Motion Sickness
17 New Black Wave
18 Sonic MythMap for the Trip Back