HIGHLY REC’D: The Streets – “4 O’Clock”


The Streets' latest audiovisual offering ,"4 O'Clock" continues the jazzy, soul motif Mr. Skinner introduced with last week's "Trust Me" (also an audiovisual pleasure). "Trust Me" is a theatrical, genre-blending dance floor filler not unlike some of the non-single cuts from Daft Punk's classic Discovery album. "4 O'Clock" is no less theatrical than its predecessor, but instead of relying on danceable, funky Motownesque beats, the song builds itself up on a dubstep-like wobble and a sole, poignant trumpet loop before introducing some Psycho thematic elements in the bridge.

While "Trust Me" is more instant and fun to listen to, "4 O'Clock" is the most affecting of the two, and the one that will probably stay with me the longest. Give the song and video 4 minutes of your time, you wont regret it.

"4 O'Clock", presumably, will be included in the Streets' aptly titled forthcoming studio album, Computers and Blues.

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