REC'D: The Streets - "San Frandemonium"


The Streets

British rapper Mike Skinner aka The Streets claims that his upcoming fifth album, Computers & Blues, will be his last. Heavily influenced by the rise of synth pop and dubstep, Skinner also stated that this record will sound a lot like the city of Berlin. The third glimpse from the album, “San Frandemonium” offered via Skinner's Twitter, shows the veteran rapper is serious about the aforementioned synth-pop / dubstep persuasion. Unlike the first two sneak peaks he released, "Trust Me" and "4 O'Clock," there is no rapping apparent on “San Frandemonium,” rather, an electronic, dubstep infused bass heavy dance track, that gives Skinner the opportunity to show off his rather formidable producing skills. Computers & Blues, The Streets' supposed last record, comes out February 7, 2011. Say it ain't so.