REC'D: Viet Cong - "Silhouettes"

Another taste from one of our most anticipated records of 2015.
viet cong

I know it's January fifth and all, but it's going to take a hell of a record to dislodge Viet Cong's self-titled debut LP from the top of the list of my favorites of 2015. Viet Cong is a hell of a record, with the Calgary band - featuring two former members of the dearly-loved Women - firestorming through a post-apocalyptic musical setting like the aural version of the landscape of thorns. It's music that must be from the future because it's so scary. The band have just released "Silhouettes" as the album's second official single; frontman Matt Flegel told the Fader he wrote the song just after being so severely electrocuted at a show that he was bleeding from the ears. It's a song that'll make you want to dub it to cassette so you can still listen after the power goes out forever. Check it out while you wait for the rest of the LP, out January 20th.