REC'D: Wild Beasts - "Albatross"

Wild Beasts

What positively wonderful news. The freakishly haunting rock outfit that is Kendal's Wild Beasts have announced their followup to 2009's Two Dancers—one of the best underrated albums of that year—and have released the first single, “Albatross.”

Here, the band display what makes them so exceptionally unique: the shared vocalist duties of Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming. “Albatross” is melodramatic; rich in ethereal textures and soothing developing melodies, but as always it's Fleming and Thorpe's contrastive harmonies that make it all the more. Whereas they usually sing individually, here they croon in unison like Avey Tare and Panda Bear of Animal Collective, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Smother comes out May 10th via Domino Records.

Wild Beasts - "Albatross"