REC'D: WU LYF - "We Bros" (Single Version)

WU LYF Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

Manchester based “heavy pop” ensemble, WU LYF, have had an impressive year with the release of their debut, one of the year's best LPs, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, exhibiting the band's eclectic range of influences including experimental rock, afro and chamber pop, and post-rock, and garnering love from critics and fans alike.

We've just learned that today the mysterious outfit will release a re-worked version of album highlight, and contender for jam of the year, “We Bros” via their own L Y F Recordings, and announced that it will be out physically on November 8, backed with two remixes.

The reworked edition is a bit more robust and energetic than the original, slightly louder, but maintaining the same theme more or less. Hear it below:

WU LYF - "We Bros" (Single Version)

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