Rick Ross & Kanye West - "Sanctified"

Listen to the highly anticipated Rick Ross-Kanye West collaboration.

Last night Rick Ross streamed his new album, Mastermind, on iTunes Radio and with it came "Sanctified," the first new song Kanye West has worked on since releasing Yeezus last year. We have been eagerly anticipating it, to say the least, and we are happy to report that it doesn't disappoint.

Since their explosive pairings on the classic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Rick Ross has been one of our favorite Kanye West collaborators, and "Sanctified" is a great example why. It opens up with a sterling 50 seconds of soul before things are kicked off by Big Sean and Kanye. Ross' hoarse growl centers the song, but it lives and dies with DJ Mustard and Kanye West's expert beatmaking. Its concoction of classic soul and rock and Yeezus-like bass make for a really weird, but really fascinating listen. Check it out below: