RiFF RAFF & Action Bronson - "I Shoulda Won a Grammy"

RiFF RAFF Grammy

Regardless of what you think about Macklemore's Grammy sweep, you can probably agree with RiFF RAFF's general sentiment on his newest out-of-nowhere single, "I Shoulda Won a Grammy." We want to live in a world where Riff's eligible for an award that's not "portrayal by James Franco in a Harmony Korine movie," but for now we're just happy to live in a world with this song - it features some rapid-fire braggadocio from Riff alongside Action Bronson's characteristically food-geared rhymes and a chorus perfect to roll up to the club blasting (that'd be "haters can't stand me - I shoulda won a Grammy"). Give this man his gold sippy cup! Check it out.