"Rockville, CA"...Good Idea?



I'm not quite sure. Tons of cool independent bands have joined the lineup for O.C. creator Josh Schwartz's new WB  internet-only soap, "Rockville, CA," to be the house band for an episode at the show's titular "venue." Bands like:

The Little Ones, Phantom Planet, The Republic Tigers, White Lies, Lykke Li, The Duke Spirit, Kaiser Chiefs, Travis, Frightened Rabbit, The Kooks, Passion Pit, The Broken West, and Bishop Allen.

The web show's description: Club Rockville is a place where a group of twentysomethings from diverse backgrounds gather regularly to hear their favorite up-and-coming bands, blow off steam, fall in love with the wrong people, and then talk about how they've fallen in love with the wrong people. The series not only explores characters' interactions with one another, but also the way in which they relate to music and to Club Rockville itself.

The series looks incredibly corny judging from the promo...but since it's just an online series, and since the band lineup is so impressive, I'm coming around to the idea. Besides, cheesy teen soaps are fun. My question is whether we will be seeing new, live performances or just the bands singing to prerecorded tracks.