The Stones continue to share alternate cuts from their upcoming reissue of Sticky Fingers, the band’s loosest and dirtiest album. (Insert obligatory snarky blogger comment on cashgrab reissues of immortal classics here.) 

Obviously, Sticky Fingers is a top-to-bottom hit parade. So far the band has shared early takes on “Wild Horses”, “Bitch”, “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”, and “Dead Flowers”. Now those are all objectively perfect rock songs, but they’ve only just now released an alternate take on my personal favorite song from Sticky Fingers—the filthy and swaggering (and problematic) “Brown Sugar”. 

This unearthed early sketch of the track, featuring Eric Clapton on the guitar(!), is somehow even boozier and grittier than what eventually made it onto wax. Naturally, it’s not as tightly coiled or as urgent as the original LP version, either. It’s messier and more intimate, though. And you have to love Mick ending the track with a tossed-off shrug. “That’s it.” As if he had no idea.

Listen below—

The Sticky Fingers reissue is out June 9. Pre-orders are ongoing. Here are the other alternate takes so far: