REC'D: Vampire Weekend's ROSTAM - "Don't Let It Get To You"


One of the best things about Vampire Weekend is their self-awareness – fully cognizant of the myriad detractors who criticize their songs for being an ‘00s rehashing of Paul Simon’sGraceland, frontman Ezra Koenig covered the man himself and dropped on 2010’s Contra the not-so-vague lyric “and I’m gonna take it from Simon.” The band’s resident multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Rostam Batmanglij is as pop-culturally voracious as his bandmates, so it’s no wonder his latest solo effort “Don’t Let It Get To You” (this one follows up “Wood” – anyone else feeling a solo album?) samples the samba-inspired drum backbeat from Paul Simon’s “The Obvious Child.”

Batmanglij puts his producer chops on display here, chopping and screwing those hyper-catchy samba horns and beats with his customary piano, orchestral, and bubbling electronic interludes. It’s always changing in dynamic, but never feels forced – it’s a highly considered, effortless orchestral pop track. Vampire Weekend fan or not, you will want to listen to this nine million times.

ROSTAM - "Don't Let it Get to You"