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We've got video evidence of the recording of "Jeopardy."
meow the jewels

Remember that one deluxe edition package of Run the Jewels'RTJ2, where $45,000 would get you the entire LP remixed using cat sounds? Well, one excited cat fan raised the money via Kickstarter and El-P and Killer Mike bit - El-P's even gotten started putting beats together with help from the best adorable internet cat, Lil Bub. This weekend, he shared several Instagram videos of the opening strains of album highlight "Jeopardy" as performed by Bub. Check out those videos below. Run the Jewels have announced they'll donate all the money from the Meow the Jewels Kickstarter to charities benefiting the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

I play cat music hard ball.

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oh my god what am I doing with my life. #MeowTheJewels

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and so it begins. #MeowTheJewels

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