Rye Rye & Robyn - "Never Will Be Mine"

Robyn assisted...

NEET Records signee and M.I.A. protege Rye Rye is prepping the release of the second official single from her long-delayed debut Go! Bang! Pop! The Robyn assisted "Never Will Be Mine," is a fairly safe single — even compared to her M.I.A.-featuring, summery "Sunshine" — not sounding unlike Nicki Minaj's break out hit "Your Love". The track borrows its hook from Robyn's mid-Aughts classic "Be Mine" from her self-titled 2005 LP.

The Baltimore native's apparently troubled debut album was supposed to be out this Spring, but we've yet to hear an official release date. Here's hoping "Never Will Be Mine" catches on and gives her label the confidence it needs in Rye Rye to release Go! Bang! Pop!

Rye Rye & Robyn - "Never Will Be Mine"

Back in February, Rye Rye released a free mixtape called RYEot powRR. You can still download it here. You can buy "Never Will Be Mine" on iTunes here.

Original date: May 5, 2011. Reposted because of "Never Be Mine"'s commercial release.