Santigold x Karen O - "Go"


Well it certainly has been a while. R&B/electronica/rap songstress Santigold hasn't come out with any of her own music in three years now, ever since she dropped her highly acclaimed debut LP. Today, premiered on Jay-Z's new Life + Times website, the Roc Nation signee put out a new tune called “Go,” which features none other than Yeah Yeah Yeahs rock Queen Karen O and producer Nick Zimmer.

Co-produced by Zimmer, Q-Tip, Switch and Santigold herself, the song is highly expressive of Santigold's signature style, fast moving and screeching with high pitched synths and sinister bass movements. Amidst all the deadly sounds going on, its very much the combined vocals of her and Karen O that make it work. Santigold has confirmed that a new album will be dropping soon, but we're still waiting on an official date. Nonetheless, this is great news.

Santigold - "Go" featuring Karen O