SBTRKT - "Atomic Peace"


On his 2011 self-titled record and the assorted non-album tracks he’s been dropping left and right since then, anonymous, genre-busting London producer SBTRKT is giving the UK’s art-dubstep trend a poppy, maximalist run for its money – to great effect, judging by the insane number of gushing timed comments on the stream of his latest leaked banger, “Atomic Peace,” which was just released on SBTRKT’s Soundcloud page though it was recorded in 2009.

The Mum-sampling cut’s got enough percolating synth glimmers, clubby bass, and undulating background drones for James Blake to spread out over an entire record, all packed into a neat, relistenable four-minute package. “Atomic Peace” may be unattached, but we hope we can expect more in this vein from SBTRKT this year. Check it out.

SBTRKT – "Atomic Peace"