Sean Paul & Kelly Rowland - "How Deep Is Your Love?"


We briefly got really excited that Sean Paul had sampled New York electro-rave standards The Rapture on his comeback single “How Deep is Your Love?” He doesn’t, but the song’s such a delicious and prematurely summery slice of dance floor-filling islandy pop that we can’t be mad for too long.

Don’t press play expecting a new “Temperature” or something – this one’s a little less likely than most of Paul’s oeuvre to almost give you a crunk-induced heart attack, but what with Kelly Rowland’s silky, super-catchy hook, plenty of phasery synths, and a customarily booming bass backbeat, it’s virtually guaranteed to take its place beside his other club bangers. Sean Paul’s latest record Tomahawk Technique is out February 14.

SEAN PAUL – "How Deep Is Your Love?" f/ Kelly Rowland