Simian Mobile Disco - Bad Blood (feat. Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip)


Simian Mobile Disco rocked my world with their upcoming album's first single, "Audacity of Huge." Yeasayer's Chris Keating hauled major ass over a bouncy beat only SMD can get away with producing.


Now, one of the most recognizable voices in electronic music has jumped on Simian Mobile Disco's Temporary Pleasure. Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor lends his voice to the subtle "Bad Blood." This new song isn't instantly accessible like "Audacity of Huge," but saying its an acquired taste would be overstating it.

With two huge names like Simian Mobile Disco and Hot Chip, it is easy fall into the patterns of high expectations and the letdown that usually follows it. Simian Mobile Disco is here to make music that will make you dance, plain and simple. And if you go into this with no other expectations, you might be pleasantly surprised. Listen to "Bad Blood"

Temporary Pleasure is out August 17th on Wichita