Simian Mobile Disco - Synthesise / 1000 Horses Can't Be Wrong


Today has been a good day for dance music here on Pretty Much Amazing. A rockin', 13 minute take on LCD Soundsystem's 45:33 and an infectious new Calvin Harris track have graced our home page over the last few hours. Now we look upon Simian Mobile Disco's new album, Temporary Pleasure. Along with Calvin Harris' new album, Simian Mobile Disco were on my mind this weekend.


The big-star collaborations have been put aside already. "Audacity of Huge" featuring Yeasayer's Chris Keating has been quite an impact, becoming one of my favorite songs of the year. Also leaked was "Bad Blood" featuring an important chunk of Hot Chip, and we can't forget Beth Ditto's contribution in "Cruel Intentions."

This those three singles (at least I hope they'll be singles) in tow, there's little doubt that SMD's Temporary Pleasure will remain 2009's most impressive dance release.

What's really exciting is that SMD can keep a listener on edge even without a huge co-headliner. Perfect examples of this are the compelling tracks, "1000 Horses Can't Be Wrong" and "Synthesise." Running at about 4 and 5 minutes, respectfully, these tracks showcase Simian Mobile Disco as a masterclass all on their own. The former is a wordless track, thumping  and rolling its way into your skull seeking permanent residence. Shimmery synths abound, "1000 Horses Can't Be Wrong" is a knock out.

"Synthesise" uses a vocal loop to impressive results — dragging it across the dance floor, splashed with a disco flavor over high-NRG synthesizers. However "Synthesise" isn't exactly a sugar-rush. It's out of character; proper, controlled, and goes on for miles. It's a perfect introduction to the sharp change in tone reverberating throughout "Bad Blood."