New: Yeasayer's Sinkane - "Runnin'" + Caribou/Daphni Remix


Not long ago we profiled Yeasayer percussionist Ahmed Gallab’s first release as Sinkane, the slinky, sexy “Jeeper Creeper,” and Gallab’s still dropping teaser tracks for his upcoming LP, Mars, that are blowing our minds.

His brand new single is “Running,” another funky, irresistible jam that owes a little inspiration to his more high-profile project’s intertwining psych-rock guitars and world-influenced grooves. It’ll be tempting to put this one on repeat, stick it on a playlist with Tanlines’ “All of Me,” and call your summer jams for 2012 totally set, but make sure you don’t skip over Caribou aka Daphni’s seven minute arthouse mix.