Must-Listen Album of the Day: Solange's R&B Comp, Saint Heron

Saint Heron

Early this year, Solange took to twitter to air some justified frustrations about the way music bloggers and others talk about R&B and hip hop. "You can stop acting like it just popped off last year for R&B," she said, noting that if music blogs hired writers who were knowledgeable, devoted fans of both genres, hype and criticism of new artists would be more legitimate. She's personally striking back against this trend with Saint Heron, the compilation she just curated to launch her new label Saint Records. Featuring twelve tracks from eleven R&B artists, including established ones like Cassie, Sampha, and Jhene Aiko, and newer, up-and-coming voices like BC Kingdom and Jade de la Fleur. This is your must-listen album of the day, R&B devotee or not. Check it out.