Check Out: Sonny and the Sunsets - "Pretend You Love Me"

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Sonny and the Sunsets

The highly versatile Bay Area musician Sonny Smith and his band the Sunsets make music that’s totally irresistible and totally underrated, and hopefully the latter is about to change, because the band are dropping a new record called Longtime Companion soon, and it’s a country album. Usually we would be, um, a little worried, but before you brush Sonny and co. off, take a listen to their five-plus minute first single “Pretend You Love Me,” which is gorgeous and sad and not corny at all – it’s like a popped-up Cass McCombs at times, and elsewhere distorted guitar wails, flute solos, and choir vocals emerge to make it like very little you’ve heard before.

Longtime Companion drops June 26.