Check Out: Speedy Ortiz - Hexxy

speedy ortiz

Speedy Ortiz is the Western Massachusetts-based project of songwriter Sadie Dupuis, who has a thing for playful but heavy guitars and charmingly taunting, verbose vocals; both are on display in the band's new track "Hexxy," the b-side on a 7" they're are putting out for Inflated tomorrow. Dupuis sings about how she can't keep her houseplants alive (I feel you) over her band's tight, rhythmic drive before a quick, perfectly loud, catchy-as-hell chorus, then, as though she's smirking at you from afar, she reigns the whole thing in with a sweet "Who are you to call me out?" We have a hard time thinking of other new bands who can pack this much attitude into such a short package. Check it out.