Spoon - The Mystery Zone


New Spoon! "The Mystery Zone" is another taste of Spoon's forthcoming album, Transference. Indie superstar and Spoon ringleader, Britt Daniel, has announced that Transference is a "pure" Spoon album, being the first album the band self produced.


"The Mystery Zone" will be third track found on the hotly anticipated LP. "Got Nuffin'," the lead track off the band's last release, the Got Nuffin' EP, will also appear on Transference (track 10).

Using "The Mystery Zone" and "Got Nuffin'" as judging points, the likelihood of Transference besting Spoon's last three LPs is quickly diminishing. But Spoon is known for throwing us curve balls, and with numerous modern classics under their wings, who am I to doubt them?

Transference will be out January 26th via Merge. Another January release to put on your calendar. Listen to "The Mystery Zone" here: