St. Vincent announces new record, hear "Birth in Reverse"

St. Vincent

Well, we have a new most-anticipated record of 2014, and it's Annie Clark's fourth, self-titled record as St. Vincent, thanks partly to her assertion that it's "a party record you could play at a funeral," and partly to first single "Birth in Reverse," which starts with the lyric "Oh, what an ordinary day - take out the garbage, masturbate," and devolves into a rollicking groove on deliriously sludgy guitars. That weirdo groove that waltzes out over the song's last thirty seconds is one of the coolest in recent memory. I could wax poetic a while longer if you'd like, but you should probably let Clark's singular songwriting speak for itself - stream "Birth in Reverse" below while you peruse the record's tracklist. It's out February 25.

St. Vincent - St. Vincent Tracklist:
01 Rattlesnake
02 Birth In Reverse
03 Prince Johnny
04 Huey Newton
05 Digital Witness
06 I Prefer Your Love
07 Regret
08 Bring Me Your Loves
09 Psychopath
10 Every Tear Disappears
11 Severed Crossed Fingers