Rec'd: St. Vincent - "Krokodil" and "Grot"

St Vincent

Nothing is better than when St. Vincent gets really fucking heavy, right? Nothing is better than when Annie Clark, she of the birdlike bone structure and mad guitar skills, gets totally, brutally punk on you, right? Right? If you’re with us on this, check out both sides of her totally unreal Record Store Day 7” release, Krokodil.

In some ways these tracks are classic Clark (if you’re surprised by that riffage, you just haven’t been paying enough attention) and in others they’re like nothing we’ve ever heard from her before – vocals reverbed almost beyond recognition, a delirious, driving motorik groove, huge drums, you know the deal. If you’re feeling a sub-three minute banger, check out the title track; if you’re feeling an even more brutal “Your Lips Are Red” black metal / baroque pop five-minute fists-up anthem, check out b-side “Grot.” Seriously, listen to these, because they will blow your mind, we swear.

St. Vincent - "Krokodil"

St. Vincent - "Grot"