Starfucker - "Quality Time"


Starfucker's sophomore LP, Reptilians, comes out in one week, and we've already had the chance to relish in fun electro-pop jams like “Julius” and “Bury Us Alive.” These tunes are equally as synth friendly as the repertoire of their debut album; backed with frontman Joshua Hodges' high pitched vocals, they kind of sound like Passion Pit if they were trapped in a Nintendo game.

The Portland outfit's latest, an instrumental tune called “Quality Time,” is an uber-disco head pumping album closer, engrossed in screeching synths and electro beats, and they've just dropped a video for it. The premise for said video is as follows: a David Bowie-like sexual miscreant/superhero figure crashes a hipster toga party, removes the togas, and writes hilarious comments on the hipsters' foreheads with lipstick. It's immensely enjoyable, much like the song itself. Reptilians is out March 8th via Polyvinyl.