REC'D: Stay+ - "Dandelion"


Stay+ (read that “stay positive”), the “fictional dance” project of young Englishmen Matt Farthing and Christopher Poole, has a hypnotic new single and video called “Dandelion” available digitally and on vinyl for your listening pleasure.

Farthing, the group’s classically trained musical backbone, delivers one of his most mesmerizingly maximalist soundscapes yet – percolating, bubbly, and underwater, equal parts techno trance and arty, vibrating drum-and-bass, presided over by a sublime, R&B-crooner performance from Moshi Moshi's Psychologist on vocals. And the video, directed by the band (Poole, for the most part, is Farthing’s visual collaborator), is fantastic – creepy and disorienting in a creative, endlessly rewatchable way. Watch and listen below, you can get the song here.

STAY+ – "Dandelion"

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