Stream Kitty's Impatiens EP

The 4-track EP is streaming with accompanying visuals via a YouTube playlist
Impatiens-608x568 (1)

After releasing the glitchy, aptly titled “??:?*??°??:?* emob0unce °??.?*??°?” last week, Brooklyn rapper Kitty has now premiered to the world her brand new impatiens EP. The four-track release is available via a YouTube playlist where you can peep visuals for each track. The first one is for "brb," which shows Kitty's devoted fans in their underwear skyping with potential suitors. Kitty released a statement along with the video:

BRB was an idea that came from the frustration of long-distance relationships and the weirdness of internet romance. Everyone’s been there, and I wanted the video to reflect that universal awkwardness we all experience via Skype and Facetime, so I invited my friends and fans to open up their Photobooth and help me out.

impatiens is out now via Bandcamp. Check out the 4-track EP and its accompanying visuals below: