Stream M.I.A's Matangi


Never one to do anything typically and/or within the constraints of her record label's requests, M.I.A.'s just posted the entirety of her much-delayed fourth record Matangi to her VEVO page for fans to stream. Listen now: you already know how much we love early leaks "attention" and "Bad Girls," but the brand-new material's impressive too - "Sexodus" is a sweeping slow-burner with a pulsing heartbeat, and "MATANGI" is a straight-up eerie, political banger that reminds us of our favorite Arular cuts. Check it out below - remember, you can pick up a physical copy November 5.



"Only 1 U":


"Come Walk With Me":



"Bad Girls":

"Boom Skit":

"Double Bubble Trouble":


"Bring The Noize":


"Know It Ain’t Right":