STREAM: The Radio Dept. - Never Follow Suit EP


Updated with official "Never Follow Suit" video.

Though Swedish indie pop trio The Radio Dept. have only released three LP's in nearly a decade, they have always put out a string of EP's in between. 2009's David EP created quite a buzz amidst the blogosphere in anticipation of this year's acclaimed Clinging On A Scheme. Supported with songs as endearing and unforgettable as “Heaven's On Fire” and “Never Follow Suit,” the record received a glowing response from fans and critics, the former released as a single in February, the latter a few days ago as an EP.

Alongside three new songs, and a lengthy trip hop remix by Pistol Disco, Never Follow Suit EP finds the outfit meddling with the familiar shoegaze and dream pop genres, whilst shifting into the land of dub. It kind of plays like a long single, with the exception of the tedious remix, “The One's” hazy keyboards leading into “Never Follow Suit,” instrumental “Stay Off Route"'s gradual blend of dub and bass reoccurring in “On Your Side.” Johan Duncanson's distinct reverberated vocalization helps fabricate the dreamy landscapes and certain inkling of nostalgia The Radio Dept is infamous for; backed with the aforementioned dub, Never Follow Suit indicates the trio is broadening their horizons, if only slightly. Let's hope we don't have to wait four years til their next album. Listen to the whole EP: